The Internet platform for all who eat and drink, cook or let cook, eat anything or prefer healthy eating, eat quickly or enjoy it, simply for everyone.

Based on our observation that it is more and more the trend to be interested in what you eat, the idea is that there is already no structured platform for topics of food and wine, but there is a lot of potential in it. Of course, there are still many smaller platforms, each covering indivdual areas, but a global platform in our planned complexity does not exist yet.

Recipes can be set by users. For this feature, the can use predefined testes, so that it will be pssible to display these recipes even in another language.

At the same time you can look for recipes which corresponds to your preferences. It should be also be possible, to connect other family members with their eating habits, so a complete meal could be planed for the whole family.

The recipes will be available in different quantity specifications, which are automatically converted. It will be also possible, automatically customize the quantity to an entered number of persons.